Event Calendar

2023 Calendar

PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO SET UP AS TRIALS CANT BE RUN WITHOUT YOU! So drop me an email at webadmin@somersetandwiltshirelrc.co.uk with the trial you are willing to set up. No CLERKS = No TRIAL

Please be aware, locations are subject to change due to availability, please always check the website and/or facebook before travelling to an event. Especially the 'next event' page of the website. 

We are always on the look out for new sites, if you have an suggestions please let a committee member know. 

Sunday 8th January: RTV and CCV Binegar Quarry

Sunday 12th February: RTV and CCV Lambs Leer

Sunday 12th March: RTV and CCV Charlton Mackrell

Sunday 9th April: RTV and CCV Yatton Keynell

Sunday 14th May: RTV and CCV Goosemoor

Sunday 11th June: No Trial

Friday 30th to Sunday 2nd July: Mendip Challenge 2023

Sunday 13th August: No Trial

Sunday 10th September: RTV and CCV Goosemoor

Sunday 8th October: RTV and CCV Yatton Keynell

Sunday 12th November: RTV and CCV Binegar Quarry

Sunday 10th December: RTV and CCV Charlton Mackerel

Other Clubs' Events:

Friday 26th - Monday 29th May 2023 - ALRC Nationals - Aberbeeg - WWLRC

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th June 2023 - 2 Day RTV/CCV Charity Event - Newnham Park, Plymouth - CDLRC

Friday 25th - Monday 28th August 2023 - Baskerville Challenge - Hay-On-Wye, Hereford - WWLRC

Friday 15th - Sunday 17th September 2023 - Majors Memorial CCV Trial - Eastnor Castle, Ledbury - MROC